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A. About FAN / CROWDfunding:

It is the raising of funds/money within a specified period for a specific project or product through the direct contributions made by the fans/supporters/”backers” who in return receive the perks/benefits/rewards offered by a campaign.
Why use fan/crowdfunding instead of normal fundraising?
Normal/”traditional” fundraising focuses mainly on raising funds through donations received, while crowdfunding can be defined as a “trade” action rather than just a simple donation.
The backers (fans/crowd/supporters) choose a campaign/project they like as well as the specific reward/perk they want in exchange for their financial contribution. It is thus a win-win situation where the backers get a unique reward while the campaign creators are able to get the products they want. Crowdfunding is also an ONLINE process, whereas traditional fundraising is normally an offline process.

B. About BUNDUfunder:

What is BUNDUfunder?
BUNDUfunder is a unique online fan/crowdfunding platform and part of the BUNDUROCK Music for LIFE initiative.
Our aim is to support ONLY serious INDEPENDENT musicians and bands as well as our planet’s conservation by allowing ONLY specific project options that we are able to provide in collaboration with our sponsors and partners.

What does BUNDUfunder do?
The BUNDERfunder provide the online platform for independent musicians and/or bands to connect with their fans and supporters, allowing the fans to “back” specific projects that will enable the musicians and/or bands to obtain the tools needed to get their music successfully to the fans.
In return, the fans are rewarded with unique perks for their chosen contributions, while the process in toto supports the WEF‘s Conservation Education Projects – “giving nature a voice that will be heard too”!
Who may apply for a project/campaign on BUNDUfunder?
Any serious INDEPENDENT musician or band whose music are of a positive nature and has a big enough and loyal enough FAN base / number of supporters that will back their campaign chosen from the BUNDUfunder Options. Musicians or bands already affiliated or signed by any third party, such as a music label, or in the process of doing that, may unfortunately not apply for a campaign on the BUNDUfunder (also see our Terms & Conditions).
WHAT do the Musicians and/or Bands get?
Serious INDEPENDENT musicians and bands will obtain with the support of their fans, the often very expensive, professional tools and resources (music videos, live performance videos, websites, branding, merchandise, etc.) needed to promote their music, get their music to the fans and in the process reward loyal fans.
WHAT do the FANS/CROWD get?
By backing the campaigns/projects YOU as the fans like, the FANS (“backers”) have the opportunity to get the music and unique perks offered by the specific campaign and funding options.
What does BUNDUfunder get?
As a sustainable social initiative and collaboration, we will receive a 7% service fee included in each successfully funded project, enabling BUNDUROCK Music for LIFE initiative to fulfill our commitment to both planet earth (our environment & wildlife) and our planet’s talented independent musicians.

C. BUNDUfunder Project OPTIONS:

What type of projects or campaigns are allowed on BUNDUfunder?
Only the Project Options listed on the BUNDUfunder Option page.
Can the BUNDUfunder be used to fund anything other than the BUNDUfunder Options?
No – as the BUNDUfunder is the crowdfunding platform of the BUNDUROCK Music for LIFE initiative, our aim is to support Conservation Education and to help serious INDEPENDENT musicians and bands to obtain with the support of their fans, the often very expensive, professional tools and resources needed to promote their music, get their music to the fans and in the process reward loyal fans.
To be able to provide these resources at an affordable rate to INDEPENDENT musicians and their fans, while also supporting our conservation mission, we have partnered with some of the best professionals in the industry. They share our vision and objectives of responsible, sustainable collaboration and are donating their time and skills, while the funds generated via the BUNDUfunder campaigns will be used to cover direct production/manufacturing expenses (e.g. equipment hire, physical manufacturing, printing, etc.), with the balance being utilised for the WEF’s conservation education projects.
Do the campaign creator(s) receive the funds raised by the BUNDUfunder campaign?
NO – the campaign creators will receive the specific BUNDUfunder Product(s) as initially selected by the campaign creator(s).

D. HOW it Works:

What steps needs to be followed to apply for a BUNDUfunder campaign?
View or “How it Works” page: CLICK HERE.

E. What fans/backers want to know:

How do I 'back' a Project/Campaign?
HOW to Contribute:
1. Select the Project/Campaign you would life to support;
2. Select an option: (a) simple Donation or (b) Reward/Perk backing;
3. If (a) – select any amount (orange blocks above), then click “Contribute” button; or
4. If (b) – select “perk” (below) and then click “Contribute” button;
5. View your cart, “Check out” and pay via PayFAST
Can I back more than one project simultaneously?
Yes, with pleasure, but each contribution will require a separate transaction – your contribution(s) will not only get you the perks/rewards you want, but you will also be supporting the conservation of our planet and our often neglected independent musicians and their music – making life on earth so much more magical!
Who can back a BUNDUfunder project / campaign?
Anybody from any country in the world, provided they are 18 years or older and have a valid Visa or Mastercard.
What happens when a project receives less funds than it’s target amount?
Depending on the specific amount raised, the alternative options for the lesser amount can be supplied to the campaign creator(s), or if a too small amount was raised, the campaign will be cancelled and the backers will each receive a credit vouchers equal to amount pledged to be used for backing another or future campaigns by any creator on BUNDUfunder.
What happens when a project receives more funds than it’s target amount?
Great Stuff! Additional features and/or products, equal to the extra funds, will be added to the final product.
Will I be refunded if a BUNDUfunder campaign does not reach its target?
Since BUNDUfunder is part of the BUNDUROCK Music for LIFE initiative, which is a WEF project (NPO) in collaboration with various supporting partners, cash/money can not be refunded but a credit voucher will be issued to the backer for the full amount pledged to be used to back any other campaign he/she likes on BUNDUfunder or to purchase any product to that value on the BUNDUROCK or the WEF‘s ONLINE Stores.
Do the backers (fans/crowd) get ownership / equity in the projects they back?
No, the fans/backers are only entitled to the specific perks/rewards the have chosen.
How are rewards redeemed?
Once a project is successful, BUNDUfunder gives the full list of Backers and their appropriate details to the project creator. The creator is then fully responsible for delivery of the rewards directly to their Backers.
Should the reward includes a copy of a video, DVD, or printed product, BUNDUfunder will be co-responsible for delivery of such rewards directly to the Backers.