DAY #2 – “Success = PLAN”

Rock Lesson #2 : Success starts with a PLAN – What is YOUR plan?

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible” (Anthony Robbins)

To become a successful musician or band takes a bit more than just wanting it – you’ll need a plan, a sensible approach and a willingness to put in the effort to be the best musician or band around.

🙂 7 Steps to “glory” 🙂

Questions to ask while creating YOUR OWN PLAN for YOUR music career:

#1. What role do you presently play in the music industry?

Are you a solo artist, musician in an existing band, a session musician, music teacher, composer/writer, producer, sound engineer, etc.?

#2. WHAT are your goals?

Where are you heading, what do you want, etc.

#3. What is needed to achieve your goal(s)?

A “map”/plan/strategy on paper (pay attention to all the details)!
Stuff to include in your plan are:
skills, practice/development, material/songs, image & branding, website, social media, photographs, videos, recordings, newsletters, loyal fans, gigs, merchandise, possible booking agent/manager, etc.

#4. What do you already have in place to support your goal(s)?

#5. Compile on paper a realistic long and short-term strategy/plan

Create “a road map to where you are heading and how you are going to get there”!
NB. Make sure that all the steps in your plan are linked to a date/deadline.

#6. Implement YOUR plan ASAP.

#7. Evaluate your plan every 6 months, re-strategise if necessary, and stay focused.

Feel free to share your plan with us: Contact the School of BUNDUROCK lot’s more info to follow . . .